Omg Found The First Lv Tv Ad!

  1. OMG! its bloody magical/brilliant! i love it! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::crybaby:
    "does the person create the journey?, or does the journey create the person?"

    for those who haven't seen it! here is the link, if your on a mac, u will need windows media player, abit of a hassle! but totally worth it!!!!

    hold up! im uploading the video onto youtube... 5min!
  2. It doesn't seem to be working for me, I really want to see it!! :push:
  3. are u on mac? or windows? should work fine for windows, i have a mac, i had to get media player for it
  4. It didn't work for me either (I have Windows).
  5. OMG!! my fault, alrit, well the good thing is, i did abit of this n that, i got into an LV online storage archive!!(dont ask me how), n they have the video there, im going to post it on youtube now... so everyone HANG TIGHT!!! 5min!!! i will post link in this post soon! but try this now, n go into the middle, top of the screen, there should be a link, vuitton takes a trip or something, that should direct u to the video!

    here is the my uploaded
  6. I'm using Windows. :sad:

    Sounds great, please post the YouTube link when you have it up, it still doesn't work for me. Thanks!! :flowers:
  7. its uploaded!, its gotta process some stuff!!! HANG TIGHT PEOPLE
  8. It works for me although I'm on a takes a lot to buffer but I saw the beginning...wait and it wil appear!!! I'll post more when I see the whole!!
  9. Wow, it IS really brilliant. I love it. Thanks for upping it.
  10. LOVE IT

    So much better than I thought it would be...should have known really
  11. heres the video, for all the confused or lazy people

  12. WOW. Its a beautiful commercial that actually looks like a great movie preview!
  13. this is why i had to share it STRAIGHT AWAY!! its just delightful
  14. Oh amazing...thanks for letting us know...