OMG for trophy satchel video

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    I can totally relate to this patient because the trophy satchel has been missing from my life for oh...about 3 months now! Otherwise I'm pretty sure that burning she's feeling is reflux.
  2. No comment
  3. LOL. Yeah.
  4. Funny when she said..."come back tomorrow".
    Classic HH.
  5. Here is your remedy. You will have to pre order it and wait for 5 months to get it though.
  6. Well, this just reinforces that the TS is a dream.
  7. :true:
  8. LOL!!!!:lolots:
  9. Is it just me or was this video painful to watch? Usually they show the great qualities of the bag but this was dragging on and on. I fast forwarded the video hoping they would actually show the bag. Maybe I don't have the patience for HH anymore, just ship us our bags already! Enough with the "funny" videos!
  10. Just got an e-mail on the TS... Why are HH designs so good? Now I want a Gray Shine trophy satchel... (But like y'all I can't believe a FALL bag is finally here... crazy.)

    Can someone tell me the lowest sale price HH ever did for these?
  11. ^^I think it was during the spooky sale. Some people were getting 60% off codes.
  12. ^ Cool Thanks Nikki! I never got a code higher than 25% or 30% I think. If they go for 60% again I'll probably get one but only if they are in stock... And a Biblio too.
  13. Question - does GS refer to grape shine or gray shine? I'm confused :biggrin:
  14. I found the video to be corny.... and a tad insulting... I would think there should be less playing in the Greenpoint store at this point and a more serious approach with the seemingly dire situation going on with HH and their lack of goods. Do they think we (their fans and customers) won't remember what's going on with our missing orders just because a new advertisement has been released?

    But duh... ignorance is bliss at HH.
  15. Cho - I had all the same exact thoughts.