OMG- flaking hw on NEW epi koala wallet!!!

  1. I just can't believe this! I found that the silver hw on my black epi koala wallet is FLAKING. I bought this wallet one month ago, and I am very careful w/ my things, so this is really unexpected.. :crybaby:

    It appears that the palladium hw is just a thin silver foil over brass, se pics. The foil is now flaking and I have an ugly, golden scar on the kisslock of my wallet. Has this happened to anyone else? I will call my local LV store today, but since I bought this wallet in Paris, I'm not sure I can return it here. Maybe I have to send it back to France, does anyone know how LV normally handles returns of defective items?
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  2. Oh should call your local LV as soon as you can to get this resolved....:confused1:

    They have a 2 wk exchange policy...after that..usually I hear that you go directly to have them take a look. They should repair it for you..although it might take a while...I hear 2-4 weeks. Do you have the receipt? I believe thats all they would need.....
  3. Just spoke to my SA, and she was very professional & nice about it. It doesn't matter if the item is bought elsewhere, you can bring it to any LV-store, it appears. And she couldn't promise anything without having seen the wallet, but said that they would probably give me another, since it is almost new. So, I will bring it to the store next week and hopefully get a replacement wallet. But I'm not sure I would want another koala, since I'm afraid the same thing will happen again. Maybe I'll just go with another style, without kisslock.
  4. :wtf: This is not good. Yeah, maybe get something else...I'm sure they'll let you:yes: Good luck and let us now how you go.:flowers:
  5. good luck vicky- im sorry that this happened. maybe its just a defect wallet. hopefully they dont all do tht
  6. Definitely bring it back to the store, when I saw the pic I was shocked :wtf: , I didn't realise the flaking was that bad :sad:
  7. I can't believe that!! It's coated with palladium then? I thought it was solid all the way through!! You should tell them when you go that you expect to get a new one, that you are appalled that this would happen! Good luck!
  8. OMG that is awful! Glad to hear it sounds like they will just give you a new one, but still.
  9. OMG..I am sorry this happened to you. Please keep us update..
  10. I'm sure everything will be ok!
  11. I hope you get a new one or another item soon.
  12. I hope you get a new wallet...please keep us all updated!!
  13. Yikes! I thought it was solid palladium, too. I guess it would be kinda pricey to make it solid, though. I'm sure they will give you a new wallet, but I understand your hesitation about getting another Koala after what happened to yours. Maybe you can get a French Purse or Zippy instead?
  14. That is terrible! I hope that you can get this resolved asap! Good luck.
  15. I have the same wallet and I dont have this problem. Now I will be more cautious and see if this happens to me. Good luck with your wallet.