OMG First Chloe/designer handbag purchase!!

  1. I finally sucked it up and decided to order this bag:

    What finally made me decide to buy it was when I searched metalic bleu nuit and found this eBay link:

    I hope my bag turns out to be that color, instead of the more bluey looking bleu nuits that I've seen.

    I'm sooo excited!.. :yahoo: The bag came out to about 815 US $..
    Does anyone know how long it usually takes to receive bags from this site?

  2. LOL I know the feeling; this is an awesome bag, one that you'll enjoy for a long time. BTW I have this style of Paddy and absolutely love it. I think the eliptical shape is so unique.

    I have no experience with LV. However when I buy overseas it feels that I get the product faster than the homeland deliveries?

    Post pics:supacool:
  3. Nice! Nope haven't ordered from that site before. Haven't heard of it before =( sadly lol. New online shopping site =D
  4. Susie in the UK it only takes about 3 days - not sure in the states though.

    They are a great site and no issues with authenticity there

    Congrats and post pics when she arrives
  5. Congratulations!!! So exciting- can't wait to see pics!!
  6. Congrats. Please post pictures when you get this bag. =)
  7. Congrats!! I've been eyeing that yummy pocket paddy on LVR forever but am currently on a purse ban :crybaby: I'm so glad someone scooped up that great deal! :yes:

    Can't wait to see piccies!!
  8. what a lovely bag!!
  9. Congrats, your gonna love it!!!