OMG!!!!! Finally Found My Fendi Radio!!!!

  1. I have to share my excitement! I've been hunting for a Fendi Radio for nearly a year, and even set up an auto eBay search for the Radio. Of course, wouldn't you know it, the person who finally lists a Fendi Radio doesn't call it that. Calls it Fendi Camel (to describe the color, :confused1:). Which makes me think how many other Radios I missed because that's not how the seller identified it in the listing....
    Oh well, nevermind. I found one in NEW condition and snapped it up. hasn't arrived yet, but this is what it looks like. :yahoo: :yahoo: [​IMG]
  2. wow! i haven't seen that particular design before.. which season is it from?
  3. Oh Pyrexia, I'm still shaking from excitement. I only hit BIN less than 5 minutes ago, and found it less than 6 minutes ago. It hasn't quite sunk in yet!!!

    Ahem... well, I have no idea what season this is from. But Fendilover2822 who works at Fendi outlet said that this was a "fashion bag" made only for the season that it came out, made to match that season's line and with matching shoes. So it was a one shot, but they made them in all kinds of colors. I saw most recently on ebay not too long ago but it was an all black python Radio for about $1000, and I wanted leather and the cute color blocks.
  4. Very cute Congrats!
  5. Unique ... congrats .. so happy 4u :smile:
  6. I had a chance to snap the radio bag early last year in light purple (the same one that Carrie was holding in a episode of SATC) for half price at Fendi Botique in Sydney when they were closing down but instead I went for a gold baguette. I regret it ever since. Good on you for finding one. They are FAB!
  7. Bravo!! That bag is gorgeous, Decophile!!!!!!! Please post pics when it comes!!:nuts:
  8. thanks Chloe and gloss_gal:flowers:

    OMG chanella, I would have killed for the purple one Carrie had in SATC! that one was soooooooooo cute.

    The first one I saw was a really cute yellow and red one on ebay over a year ago and it sold for something ridiculous like $260. And I've been haunted ever since for not having bought it, and have been on a mission to make up for it. I've seen 2 othes on ebay since but didn't like them. This one I jumped on!

    This is the first of what I hope will be my Fendi Radio family.
  9. Very cute! Never seen anything like that, but then again I'm new to Fendi.
    About how big is it?
  10. Cute bag! Congrats!
  11. Thanks TammyD!

    I don't know how big it is, never seen it IRL. I'll post measurements and modeling pics when it arrives. It looks like a very decent every day size.
  12. Congrats!
  13. I am so excited for you!!!! You finally found it. It's a great bag...and I don't know if you know, but the straps come off so it can be worn like a clutch. Great bag....ENJOY!!!!
  14. I'm pretty sure it is from spring/summer 2004, but I can double check if you really want to know!!
  15. WOOOOOW!!! I did not know the handles came off. :love: Like I needed more reason to love this bag... :heart: Thanks fendilover!!:flowers: