OMG ... Fendi robbery while I was at NM!

  1. Yesterday I bought a Miu Miu coffer at Saks in San Francisco. Today, I had to go to Stanford Mall in Palo Alto and stopped at Neiman Marcus to recheck Fendi.

    When I first went to check Fendi I could hear a man and woman talking. The man seemed like a boyfriend and he was saying "I just don't think you should be spending $1,000 on a handbag - what if it gets stolen?" And she's saying "how could it get stolen?"

    I almost approached them to let them know about this forum and places like Bluefly. In the end they left.

    5 minutes later and I was holding my Miu Miu and a large Fendi Spy towards the mirror when I heard loud rustling behind me.

    Less than 10 feet away were a man and woman who grabbed over a dozen Fendi's and ran out the door.

    My first thought was to run after them to see where they went ... but, uh, I was still holding the Spy bag, plus, I'm holding my own new Miu Miu.

    I helped the SAs with my memory of which bags were missing and gave a statement to the police.

    I think everyone was a little shocked because I knew the bags ... "They obviously went for the Spy bags because they're popular, but missed the Tribal"

    I was the last person to touch these bags before they were grabbed.:sad:

    1 beaded mini B on a mannequin
    1 bubble leather shopper on a mannequin
    ~ 5 Large leather B bags, including patent.
    ~ 5 Large leather Spy bags
    2 Bag de jour

    Luckily the brown beaded Spy satchel was under glass.

    It was so shocking! I don't think the first man and woman were involved - but if they came back, all the bags in that corner are now gone.
  2. This is an amazing story, and an unforgettable, life changing thing to witness. You saw a serious robbery taking place. This is big time. You must have been shaking. Thanks for sharing.
  3. did the man and woman look like thieves?

    just be glad that they didn't pinpoint you as the robber
  4. That's CRAZY! They made off with so many bags! So, they got away? That's insane. I'm glad you are okay :smile:
  5. Whoa! Pure craziness...and Palo Alto is a really nice area! Thank goodness you weren't harmed. I hope they get the crooks.
  6. I can't believe they got out of the store so easily. Poor security at a high end dept store?!!
  7. Tsk. You'd think they'd be prepared for such a situation. Luckily nobody got harmed! I'm glad nothing happened to you or anyone else there at the time.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any set "thief" look. They could look like anyone from a group of teenagers to Winona Ryder to a suburban mom stuffing stolen clothes in her baby carriage. (In college, I worked retail in a place that used to give a percentage of all recovered stolen items if you caught the people. I learned to watch everyone.)

    Anyway...that's CRAZY that they did a dash and grab in NM! We used to keep all high priced stuff FAR from the exit doors so that couldn't happen. Cuh-razy. I'm glad it wasn't worse.
  9. OMG!!! I shop at that particular Neiman's!!! I can't believe they got away. I'm sure we'll see a some new Fendi's on eBay or Craigslist soon enough...
  10. Wow that sucks, its people like that who help drive prices up :cry:
  11. My brother used to work for loss prevention at Macy's and said that smash and grab routines like this are pretty common, at all department stores.

    Generally, the policy is to chase after them, but to stop as soon as any real danger emerges. Basically, if the man and woman brandished any kind of weapon, they would probably be left alone.

    Still, stealing that many bags is pretty brazen.
  12. wow...
  13. If those bags were displayed anywhere near the door, then that was a big mistake. That happened in the jewelry department at another store near my city. Ever since then, they've relocated that department to the middle of the store with racks arranged like a maze intead of a clear path to the exit. Those thieves made off with over 100 grand worth of diamonds and gold during business hours. They merely smashed and grabbed before anyone knew what hit them. They were never caught. Retail establishments can be enablers to this kind of thing if they don't arrange certain items properly in the store.
  14. How on earth would someone have the nerve? Geez! I hope they get caught, but it sounds like they got away. Fortunately no one was hurt with a weapon.
  15. That happened once while I was in Neiman Marcus (in DC) last fall. I was over at the handbags department and all of a sudden, the SAs started to go crazy, calling for a security guard. Apparently, a couple walked away with a few Gucci bags! It was so shocking! But, I guess it happens. I don't think any of the bags are security tagged, which is a shame.