OMG, Fall BV- absolutely stunning!!

  1. i love this bag from the BV fall collection :heart:. it is the perfect shade of red and would fit perfectly with my wardrobe...oh, but why oh why is it >$3K? i may have to starve through fall just to carry this ...

  2. Nice and expensive!!
  3. oh and there's this one as well:


    PS: both bags available from NM

  4. Oh my, that's hot!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Wooow, both are trully gorgeous.
  7. yikes 3k??!!!
  8. Yummy, but very expensive and I would worry about its delicacy, especially in urban Winters.
  9. They are all beautiful. I love the Fall BV stuff.
  10. Gorgeous! But 3k? Steepy
  11. It is so tempting.... But the $3K price tag stops me going further.
  12. Sadly, I just can't afford BV.
  13. That is a riot!!!
  14. 3-kay, no way.

    Beautiful tho.