OMG!! Faked H Bags from China: Styles, colors to watch for

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  1. Hello,

    While researching a bad ebay transaction (dont ask, it was NOT Hermes related thank goodness), I happened on a China Export company. They listed several the fake Birkins you can purchase in bulk!!! OMG!!!

    Would it be helpful or harmful to post these here? Perhaps so others could see and know the popular colors, styles, and blind stamps sold in large quantities?

    Let me know and I will post the top offenders.
  2. I think I posted elsewhere that the fake birkin bags are really well made. The stitches are ///, the rivets are similar to the authentic ones, they even have the blindstamps.

    A couple of my friends were expatriated to China and when I saw them recently, they were carrying these fake ones - ranging from $350 to $1200 for croc materials.

    I put my authentic bags side by side with their fake counterparts and it is hard to tell from afar. One of my friend tells me she walked into an H boutique with her fake croc birkin and the SAs didn't even question her.

    The only big difference I saw was the interior leather. The fake ones had cheapo leather or pleather type material. It is really hard to tell the fake from the real ones just on the photos so I wouldn't buy from just anybody on eBay - probably only 2-3 of the resellers. Don't want to take a chance with big bucks!

    The reason why these bags are so well made these days is because the manufacturer actually owns the real thing. Takes it all apart and copy everything - sort of like reverse engineering.

    As for colors, I have seen the fake ones in havane, ebene, black, orange, white, blue jean and rouge vif. A friend of mine who used to model in France owns a couple of authentic Hermes bags but she admitted that all her birkins are fake and she showed me each and every one of them when I visited her in Tokyo so that I can look for flaws! It was hard.

    My sure fire way to differentiate fake from the real thing is through the interior leather and a smell test. Fake bags smell like fake bags - like heated plastic leather (eeeewwww!). Authentic H bags smells like rich leather - sort of like the plush leather interior of a new car. (heh!)

    When I "calibrate" my bag collection and sell some of my designer bags on eBay, I get tons of spam emails from manufacturers from China who are offering to distribute their branded items through me. Since I am not a reseller, it is quite easy to hit that delete/junk mail button on my email program. However, I can imagine some less scrupulous resellers being tempted by these "deals".
  3. The sad thing is that the long wait list and the desirability of the Hermes bag will drive the counterfeiters to invest even more time and effort to perfect their craft.
    One wonders if there would come a stage where even Hermes craftsman cannot tell the difference... eeks that would be nightmare come true....
  4. Check out this site, they sell "Top Quality" Hermes. :yucky:
  5. Well, that website is even more shocking, since it directs you straight to their ebay site for fake birkins and kellys. They do other bags, too. This is depressing. I cant wait to go to the H store next month and feel better.

    On the site I had found earlier, it seemed the main products were black 35 cm Birkins and JPG birkins in togo, they even told which blind stamp they were using. I just find this so apalling, and obviously there is a huge demand for this. I guess I am just so surprised at the extent and open-ness of this.

    I have been under a lava rock!
  6. Yep it's shocking to see how good these fakes are, no longer the badly made fake which you can spot a mile away...and I agree, what happens when we reach the point where the fakes are so good that even the H craftsmen can;t even tell the difference??? I would hate people to have to ask if my authentic H bag is a fake!
  7. I honestly don't think that will ever happen if you see the bags IRL. You will know the real McCoy immediately. An authentic Hermes bag has a distinct look, feel and smell that can never be copied. How a bag appears to be in a photograph does not mean that it has the same presence an authentic Hermes bag IRL.
  8. whoa, those do look really high quality. I agree, you just don't feel the same wearing a fake as you do a real designer bag. WEaring a bag such as an iconic Hermes Birkin is really something-it makes you feel stylish and chich and everything associated with the Birkin itself. Carrying a faux Birkin jest doens't make you feel the same. In my opinion, it's not worth it.
  9. i think the hermes craftsmen will always be able to tell,
    i know somebody who bought a crocodile birkin for 35000 usd from her friend, it looked authentic in every way, but when she had it sent to paris to get it authenticated, when it came back, it was delivered in a fedex document package, completely destroyed...
  10. ^ That's funny, I read that same story in a magazine article......

  11. U shd post it here. So we can spot the fakes !!!

  12. Oh fug :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

  13. That will indeed be a nightmare.
    And all our money invested in a good bag will crash in value :Push:
  14. Agreed, what puts the Hermes bag in a class all its own is the quality of leather used. Hermes gets first pick of all the skins in the finest tanneries, the other designers get what's left. The fakers just cannot come close to that quality leather. The bag may look great in the first few days of use, but will start to sag and droop probably within a week.

  15. I don't think it would ever get that good. When make something with your hands, detail from detail

    I think it would be hard to fool you!