OMG!! everyone check your bookmarked bags!!

  1. So I always check my bookmarked bags but they're never available but i noticed that people have been posting a lot of sales today from their saved links so i just checked and this was available so i bought it! It says "in process" so its not 100% but the possibility is so exciting! does anyone know what season its from?
    Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Bag - old Premier Designer Handbags - Neiman Marcus
  2. ****, it's gone already!!! Aren't you the lucky one???
  3. Congrats! It's a gorgeous bag! I hope the order goes through successfully!
  4. Great deal!! Did you score? I hope it went through for you!
  5. still says "in process"! does that mean thumbs up? Is this a multipocket??its only 9.5 inches by 9 inches- it looks kinda like a stretched zip clutch- kinda- am i the only one who sees that? :smile:
  6. yes, it's the quilted MP. It's a great style. I prefer the smaller MP over the larger MP, although in general I like bigger bags.
  7. Wow! Great deal alre309. Hope you get her!
  8. super deal..Hope it goes thru ok!
  9. Wow!! Killer deal on a gorgeous bag! I hope you get her!
  10. Wow, that would be an AWESOME deal! I hope it goes through for you!! Keep us posted!!
  11. Soooo jealous! It's gorgeous! :drool:
  12. did you get it?!! What an awesome deal!
  13. ok- so the transaction was last night and it's still "in process" i used a free 2 day shipping code so i would think it should be "shipped" pretty soon since 2 business days would be monday- I'll keep you all updated!
  14. Ok its officially "shipped"! now just need to wait til monday to see it!
  15. Woo Hoo!!! I'm so happy for you that the order officially went through! Congrats!!