OMG! Ergo Pleated tote??

  1. [​IMG]I found this going through a drill down thread?! Not sure if its been posted before. Gosh I wonder when and what colors these will be coming in?:nuts: It would be soooo cute in a hobo style too!
  2. Ooooh! I actually really like that and I'm not an ergo girl!!!! :shame:
  3. Very cute. I am not usually a white bag girl, but this might be cute in white for summer.
  4. It has been posted, but is sooo cute. If I remember correctly, it's a little pricey. Someone else may know for sue.
  5. me too, me too!!
  6. ooo that is such a great idea! It would look great in white!
  7. Yeah, this has been posted a few times. It's a very, very big bag and I believe the retail is $1200.
  8. Yeah I have seen it on here.. it's huge but I would love it in a smaller size.. very pretty!!! :yes:
  9. I would love it smaller too and in white, pond, pink, red, grass green:nuts:
  10. I WANT IT!!!!!!
  11. Apparently this is NOT the pleated Ergo but the Davenporte. Miss Davenporte and Coach teamed up for some limited edition bags. This bag is now at the Legacy boutique. This bag is HUGE and retails for $1200. The pleated Ergos are still a mystery.

    Here is the link to the thread where someone posted about this.
  12. they're making another pleated hobo too!!! And after carrying mine today I really want another!!!
  13. When I first saw this bag I thought it was the ever elusive pleated ergo too, but then after reading this post, I think its from this Miss Davenporte collection (who is Miss Davenporte??!) Anyway the picture of the bag on the model looked HUGE so hopefully the pleated ergos are scaled down a bit.
  14. Candace, you have an older version of the pleated ergo? Do you have any photos - I'd love to see it. Thanks!
  15. I would love a pleated Ergo hobo! In patent leather! *dreams*