OMG EMERGENCY help me please!

  1. so i got a Francesco Biasia Annie Rose in Brick and i was spraying it with Apple Guard aerosol and a bunch of spray came out in huge drops and got on my bag! i tried to soak it up with a cloth but it already soaked in. do you think it will make a mark or just dry into the leather??? I'm SO ANGRY right now!! i haven't even worn the bag yet. it was $450!! I am never using appleguard AGAIN! :hysteric:
  2. I haven't used apple guard before but this happened to me with another spray. The spots dried and you couldn't tell where it had been. It did take a while to dry b/c so much had gotten on it.
  3. i hope that happens to me. thank you!!
  4. I used appleguard on my gallery tote and at first it looked like there might be streaks but it all dried nicely within an a hour or 2.
  5. there are like 4 pretty big spots RIGHT on the front like the size of a nickel. i sprayed all of my other bags and the appleguard was totally fine and all of a sudden it just got all runny and splattered out! all of my other bags look great but after this i don't think i can bring myself to ever use appleguard again.
  6. Oh my...I am crossing my fingers for you. Let us know what happens!!!
  7. Please let us know how it turned out!!!
  8. I've had this happen on LV Vachetta and it dried up transparently. Hope you get the same results!
  9. really?? how long did it take?
  10. OMG! i called Nordstrom and asked if i could exchange it and they said yes!! they have amazing customer service!! thanks for everyone's help!!
  11. Congratulations on an acceptable outcome!!
  12. thanks everyone! :p
  13. Wow. Nordie's just got great publicity for that!! That is AMAZING, since it was not from a flaw at their end. Good for you! :yahoo:
  14. Ok, I am an idiot, but what is apple guard? I am thinking it's some sort of protectant? Am I a mutant for not spraying any of my bags? It just seems...unnatural! :rolleyes:
  15. Please keep us posted on the outcome!