Omg! Elux Sent The Wrong Bag!

  1. I am beyond pissed..Am I cursed this week or what????????FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just had delivered the Ursula tote..IN PATENT LEATHER!!!!!! I ordered the reg. it was advertised on the ELUX site..The reg leather tags are even on this bag by accident.So I call Elux and guess what?they are sold out of MY BAG....OMG...I am about to mad..the patent is FUGLY!!!!!!!

    Can you hear me screaming thru the computer??????????:rant: :rant: :censor:
  2. I thought I heard screaming! How is that possible that you are having such bad luck?
  3. I am freakin cursed.....
    **burying my head in my Chanel tote...I have a MJ curse on me..SNIFF!***
  4. awww hun im sorry, can you keep it and after the sale sell it for more?
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    this is the patent I just got..Elux is now..cuz I am freakin on it to me at the Saks discount price of 585- and also sending me a 25 Dollar refunding me the 37 dollar shipping..DO I KEEP IT???
  6. I paid 820 plus 37 shipping..ARGH...soooooooooo disappointed
  7. If you dont like the bag, dont keep it no matter what discount they give you.
  8. I would walk away from the bag for a couple of hours, cool off a little
    and then see how you feel.....grrr. frustrating as :censor: though!!
  9. Seriously, unless you love it, do NOT keep it!! you will look at it and be pissed off all the time. Let them know you are pissed as hell- you deserve the first one when they get it in stock... FREE

    and have them send one my way too!! :amuse:

    But really, that is ridiculous!!!!
  10. nah..Now Im gonna rebel..piss off PHH and go shopping..LOL...want a new Fall gucci bag..LMAO..OMG...I need some good karma..LOL
  11. Jill, don't keep it just for the discount. Elux has really been dropping the ball lately! :yucky:
  12. oooooooo MY!! I love the patent! tahnks for posting pics~!!! but everyones so right - If you don't love it, send it back!
  13. I am banning MJ bags from my closet for at least a month..I am cursed by them!!LOL!
  14. ouch!!!that hurt my ear.
    send it back!!!!!!

  15. sure...did you see the new version of the Hudson?(joking)
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