OMG! ebay madness! Disney excess!

  1. While I was searching eBay, I happened to come across this: a 10 ft tall vinyl Disney chair- for $500! I've seen some pretty weird stuff on eBay, but this might take the cake. Kinda a random post I know but I thought it was somewhat interesting :biggrin: I thought it would make a funny gag gift for someone, ya know? Send it to their house without telling them there's a giant box coming? hehe suprise, suprise!
    disney 1.jpg siney2.jpg disney3.jpg
  2. too bad the seat is ripped. that would make a lovely addition to my game room :lol:
  3. OMG that is weird!!! It wouldn't even fit in my apartment!!! LOL
  4. Crap, is it bad that I secretly want that?! I think that would be SO CUTE in a disney-themed kid's room.

    Ugh, I'm such a kid at heart!
  5. that is so cute (and funny!) I'd love to put that in my basement lol!
  6. I think that would be awesomly gaudy in someones house!!!! A reupolster would make the chair so much fun!
  7. awww. that is soo cute! too bad there's a tear right in the middle.
  8. I could see my husbands grandparents owning that. They spend 6 months a year in Disney World. Seriously. LOL we're invited to stay a week with them next year when Markie is old enough.
  9. Awww that's way cute! Too bad about the ripping!

    And I imagine just SHIPPING that chair would cost more than the asking price hahah :P
  10. I was just thinking the same thing ! Imagine the shipping, that would be one large box!! :biggrin:
  11. hahah, that's too big.. but its cute..
  12. Huge chair. It wouldn't fit anywhere if I got it!
  13. You and me both :biggrin:
  14. That would be an awesome chair for Santa to meet kids in at Christmas!
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