OMG!!! Ebay Is Driving Me Crazy!!!

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    I am so fed up with eBay, I had to come and vent!!! First of all I can't believe how long after a item is listed, that it takes for them to get it up in the search. I recently listed two things and it's taking 11 to 14 hours for it to show up! Now they have removed an item of mine twice, and I listed it no different than I always have!!! The first time they said it was because I included the sentence "Extra tassels can be purchased in person or by telephone at Balenciaga NY for $5.50 for a set of two". I have put this sentence in many times and in fact it said the same on another listing I had and they didn't remove it, and I have seen other sellers say the same. Now today the same item was removed because of $25.00 for shipping cost!!!! Like that is expensive for shipping and insurance on an item that costs over a $1,000?!!!! Why don't they spend their time cleaning up all the fakes listed on eBay instead of messing with good honest sellers!!!!
  2. Oh deana so sorry to hear thats happened to you! Where you been girl? I saw that your listings kept disappearing! I know it makes me sooo mad! You know similar happened tome recently but the put ban stopping me from selling designer items! It made me mad as they dont stop the fakes but stop us as honest sellers!
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    I can not believe that put a ban on you from selling designer items, when I can go there now and see fifty fake bags listed!!!!!
  4. Deana I also have some issues with eBay!!! waiting 12 to 14 for it to be listed is awful and they take it off your listing time.!! I understand believe me:cursing:
  5. This thread will probably be moved to the eBay board, but I just want to say how frustrating it is from a buyer's perspective (and a lover of these bags) how many fakers are allowed to stay up, but they kill authentic auctions for minor details. :wtf:
  6. hi , re the time taken for listings to show , if you list it to start a couple of hours ahead and swallow the 6 p to do it then they normally show up instantly !
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    Thanks mm! I have never heard of this. So a seller can pay a $6 fee to choose the time the listing starts, and if they do that then the listing shows right away? Can I find this option easily on the sellers form?
    I also wanted to apologize for not seeing the ebay forum. I am still gettiing used to the new forum set up.
    Thanks everyone for sharing your understanding of ebay's antics!
  8. I agree, I reported this creep over 100 times for selling fake Great China Wall stuff and I was getting real nasty with ebay too. And then they removed one of my listings cause I had a photo of a celeb in it when everyone else puts celebs in their auctions.

    I also just listed denim shorts and I got a warning that my $10 shipping amount was high :cursing: Dont they know how much shipping costs anymore?

    Ebay is so frustrating!!
  9. Sometimes if you list a lot of items with the same title or similar titles it flags Ebay. Try changing up your titles a bit. Instead of always writing NEW MARC JACOBS, you might want to write something like BLACK NEW MARC JACOBS . . . Hope this helps!
  10. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with ebay and agree they should devote their time to the removal of fakes instead of targeting honest sellers.

    The 12 hour wait for listings to appear is utterly ridiculous. ebay should start the clock when an item shows up in search, not beforehand. :girlsigh:
  11. I agree. I've only ever had a couple listings removed in all the years I've been selling and they were always for the most ridiculous reasons. Meanwhile, they let people who charge $12 to ship a lipgloss keep their listings! ARGHH!!!
  12. The 12 hour wait is ridiculous. And I count on my listings for more coveted items to pull viewers to my other lesser known items.

    Deana, the majority of these types of listing removals are started from ebay user reports. Ebay can't keep up with the amount of violations so they rely heavily on users to report. That's why the treatment seems so erratic. Some listings stay up because no one has turned them in and we, as users, have to keep reporting the bbag fakes etc. Why did someone target you? It could be anything. A competing seller. A buyer hoping to wear you down so you relist in the future at a lower price. Someone who is mean and bored.

    Once something is reported to ebay they have to act on it even if it is minor. You did nothing wrong, but they interpreted the first violation under their rule not to solicit outside business (yeah, right, like you want to make BalNY rich via tassel selling) and they interpreted the second violation by not stopping to think that it is expensive to ship a high end bag properly.

    The second violation is easier to address than the first. Embed ebay's shipping calculator in your auction. Include the shipping weight, USPS or UPS, and be sure to choose the option "insurance required". It will tally up a number close to the flat rate you originally had but then no one can mess with you and claim it is excessive shipping.

    The tassel thing is tough because you want to convey that extra tassels can easily be obtained without saying stuff like "can be ordered from BalNY." I can't think of a way to convey that the tassels can be ordered without it being open to interpretation of solicitation of outside business. I didn't see your listing, but is this one of the bags where you braided the tassels so you want to let people know that they can get plain ones if they prefer? It might be easier to order the tassels from BalNY yourself to make your handbag "complete".
  13. adoptastray, your explanation sounds solid... Deana's braids should be considered an extra though...
    It might help if you order the tassels yourself, Deana!!
  14. They did that to me too! I was selling a Chanel last December and just to make it hurt, ebay pulled it in the last hour of a 10-day listing and then banned me from selling designer items! I'm still trying to get that repealed.
  15. Oh, I do so very much agree!

    I just figured she stated in her listing the 'you can phone Balenciaga to order' thing in case a buyer wanted both sets of plain tassels. It was smart of her to do because some people want things to be uber complete with all the original components when they buy a high end bag. But sadly someone is likely reporting her listing because the ebay T&S people don't have enough time to catch super minor violations like these.