OMG!! Does this remind you of something???

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  1. [​IMG]

    Rachel Bowler Bag

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]$29.80[/FONT]

    Beautiful faux leather bowler bag accented with a polished goldtone snap accents. Features striped lining decoration, top zipper closure, interior cell phone and zipper pockets, and a detachable shoulder strap. 19" L x 15" W (w/handles). Imported.
    ProductCode: 1038262958

  2. OMG! I can't believe how similar they tried to make that bag look like the Hudson. Yuck!! :yucky:

    Here's the pic as an attachment for those who couldn't see it.
    rip-off bag.JPG
  3. Yeah, well get ready to get more disgusted:

  4. ^^WTH! Are those from the same website? :hysteric:
  5. I was recently in forever 21 accessories shopping (earrings, necklaces)...I was like "look at all the henious fake MJ's! They also have replica baby spy bags!" I am not sure I will be shopping there again, but their accessories are so affordable.
  6. I Dont Know If Anyone Realizes This,but Forever 21 Is In The Hot Seat Right Now. Tyra Banks Was Talking About This On Her Show And Was Saying How I Think It Was Ysl Or One Of Those Designers That Are Sueing Them For Their Knock Offs Of Designers Bag. Has Anyone Ever Been In That Store? I Was In There And Their Jewelry Was Like Fading And Stuff.. It Was The Worst...
  7. i saw that bag a couple of months ago. they must be bringing it back! it's pretty much the hot mess version of the hudson. i've seen many pleather accessories, but forever 21 bags look even cheaper than their chinatown counterparts if you can imagine that being a possibility. i know their wares aren't made to last, but seriously, it doesn't have to scream "cheap" either! i haven't been there in awhile although they do have great low priced jewelry. all in all, i can't say knockoffs really bother me. the way i see it, something is always a copy of something else in one way or another.
  8. Gwen Stefani is suing them as well, for copying her LAMB line. F21 are bad!
  9. i was just in forever 21 this morning, and noticed their version of the MJ multipocket. absolutely terrible. this "hudson" might be one of the ugliest bags ive ever seen.
  10. Those things are hideous!! :yucky:
  11. These BCBG's look familiar...... :wondering :blink:

  12. Those buttons like bizarre...I haven't been to F21 in a while but a lot of stores do it. Aldo has some look-a-likes too..
  13. and i know that bebe sells gucci-inspired bags too. i guess these companies cant come up with their own designs!
  14. Those are so horrible, yuck! I would be too embarrassed to carry one of those unless I was 10 years old.