w/out card


Oct 25, 2007
New Hampshire
So I was bummed that I didn't get a card or call. I'm not wanting for any bags so I didn't want to request one from someone not using theirs but eyeing some small items. So today I went and played dumb about when the next one might be happening and mentioned the one I got in June/July. So she looked in the computer to see if I was getting one. Long story short I wasn't picked to receive one BUT here's where it gets GREAT! She told me "If you want to look around we'll give you that discount today, though."

I thanked her a few times and got the few small things I was eyeing.

Happy Holidays came early!!:yahoo:


Bag lover!
Aug 5, 2007
THANK YOU for posting this thread. I have been visiting a Legacy Leather Satchel in Whiskey for about a month now. I saw this thread and a few others, and decided to nicely ask if I could have have the PCE discount even though I was not chosen to get a card. The nice SA said YES!!!! I bought my bag! Saved over $170. I'm thrilled.
Thanks to all of you who let me know I might get the discount if I just ask!!!!


Oct 1, 2007
I got the discount in August simply by asking for it. I had never bought anything at the boutique before then, so I never received a PCE card. I would think that most SA's would give you a discount rather than lose a sale. Besides, Coach has jacked up their prices so much lately, even with a 25% discounts they are still making pots of money.