Omg!!!! Dior Sa Sent Me These Pics..choc Brown Rebelle!!!!

  1. :love: fainting..***so in love with this bag in chocolate...they made very few in this color..Im dying..:nuts: :yahoo: :yes:
    [​IMG] I called to order the camel one and they got this in as a special order..ITS SO MINE !!What do you think?

    PS- its all glazed leather..NO SUEDE..LOVE:heart: [​IMG]
  2. Is this in addition or in place of the Antic bag? That will help with my answer.
  3. probably addition..knowing me..LOL...its so pretty!
  4. Ok, well then I love it! I prefer it in Camel. That's hot!
  5. Its my anniversary this week and PHH is being REALLY nice and treating me..LOL....
  6. I like the camel. Congrats on your anniversary!
  7. I like the camel one too!!! Congratulaions Jill!:drinks:
  8. Definitely the camel one!
  9. prefer the camel
  10. wow- I think the chocolate is alot nicer...ANYONE??LOL???
  11. The chocolate is TDF! The color is so much richer and deeper than the camel. I say chocolate!:yahoo:
  12. I like the chocolate one. Easier to keep clean too.
    This is my favorite line from Dior. I have the Khaki/suede shoulder bag.
    Does anyone know where to find ther khaki larger wallet to match? I have been looking for it.:angel:
  13. I love the Chocolate one so much more than the camel... I think it just looks so much richer and decadent :P
  14. I like Chocolate a lot more than Camel.
    If you are keeping Prada's Antic Satchel & don't want another one in the same color, then Camel is nice too. =)

    You have a green bag from this line?
  15. Chocolate chocolate chocolate!
    The color is delicious! :love:
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