OMG~ dior limited edition USA saddle on ebay!!

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  1. I remember there were many people interested on the dior limited edion USA saddle.

    It is avaliable on ebay. Right now bid is $800something (I think it retailed for 3k US at least? can someone confirm? ) So good luck and dont forget to post pics if a tpf'ner gets it!!:heart::heart:
  2. I hoped I could contribute, but the current price is already over $1K :P
  3. How limited is this bag???
  4. There were only 100 pieces of each bag produced in the collection and I can't remember if they were $3000 or $3500, around that mark.

    They aren't seen too often.
  5. That's so gorgeous but I would be so paranoid about the crystals coming off.
  6. I was so so so tempted but I know white satin is not for my lifestyle. I have a dior bag in white satin , it looked horrible after dirt get to it..

    I was amazed at how much this one went, considering the ebay store owner was too careless to not even put SADDLE on the title and people searching for this gem wouldnt have found it through ebay search for dior saddle usa/ limited edition dior USA saddle.
  7. ^Agreed; I didn't see it when I was searching around myself on eBay!
  8. Yeah, often consignment stores aren't hardcore aficionados so they don't know every little detail about a bag so can't always advertise it properly. I've picked up lots of great finds at consignment stores simply because the SAs didn't label it properly!
  9. I remember seeing this bag on Ebay. I had no idea the cost of this bag was that much... what a great find....
  10. thats a gorgeous bag!
    I wish ones from the other countries would be for sale, i'm loving the Russian one and the Indian one :heart:
  11. We'll all be fighting if an India came up for a good price :lol:
  12. Haha, isn't that the truth :P