OMG! Did you see Chanel patent in Desperate Housewife today?

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  1. It was getting it's own shot and worn byEva Longoria. :love:
    Patent M/L and color is pinkish.
    Is this the new one that's coming ?
    Chanel certainly pays for this ads. It's too obvious
  2. I saw it too. Definitely medium patent but not too sure about the light pinkish color. And featured the cambon pouchette too! LOL
  3. It was so cute! I loved how the little girl said "it's so soft!" I never thought of the patent leather as super soft.
  4. I don't either. lambskin is soft but patent?
  5. oh anyone have a pic??? I love el
  6. pics pics..i wanna see~
  7. When I saw it I knew the tpfers in the audience would be going "look, look, look!"
  8. Here are some screen shots I took. Very dark picture though




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  9. It has the stitching around flap which newer ones have been missing... So maybe not new??
  10. ooo so prettty!
  11. maybe it was fake along with the pochette, TV shows are notorious for using fakes.
  12. Why tv shows use fakes? Just don't know or don't want to pay for? I mean can't they borrow?I know for ads they sometimes buy and return and I imagine here too if not borrow... Sad but true
  13. That's overgeneralizing. I highly doubt that a successful show such as DH would blatantly showcase a counterfeit designer handbag on national television, especially when the name 'Chanel' was mentioned so many times throughout the episode; they won't call it 'Chanel' unless it's really Chanel, otherwise they'd get sued by Chanel (remember Chanel's legal statement in WWD?).

    I'm no expert, but those bags look pretty authentic to me, and it's not like their wardrobe department can't afford to buy/borrow designer bags as props, i.e. Marcia Cross' character has been carrying a Yves Saint Laurent for a few episodes now.
  14. I believe this is the new patent from Cruise '11. The patent colors that Chanel has for this season will be black, dark blue, dark red, fuchsia, and pink. This is the pink color which to me looks more like a lighter coral or peach color but, this is new. I'm not sure which stores ordered it because I know Saks is getting this bag in the fuchsia, which I think will be amazing. I can't wait!
  15. How much did Chanel pay them to do that episode? The various close up of the purses was bizarre enough, but dropping the Chanel name over and over and over was a tad OTT for me.

    The color looked salmon/peach toned to my eyes and I wholeheartedly agree patent is not smooshy; just the opposite.

    Does this fly in opposition to their claim they want the brand to be more exclusive??? I am the lone wolf thinking someone is "speaking with forked tongue?"