OMG Did I really just do this?? Bought 3 bags in Less then 24 hrs.

  1. Hi, I really need some solace right now! I'm freaking out a bit here. I have been agonizing over which bag to buy for months and months and months!!! I have been checking eBay like a fiend. Spending hours online, looking at pictures, asking sellers questions etc. And for some reason I haven't been able to bring myself to buy one until this morning around 3am. I bought a beautiful Red Kooba Devin. Then at about 3pm, I bought a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Glazed Almond...OHHHHHH and just now I bought a Gustto Baca in Eggplant. I'm really excited but also mad at myself. What was I thinking?!?!?! I can't afford this!!! Something just came over me and I was able to justify the purchase by saying...'oh well I'll just sell this, I'll just sell that'. And to think, I already broke one of my new year's resolutions about being responsible with my budget! ARRG!

    I don't have a lot of money, and need to pay off my credit card bills, AND just bought a new car because mine pooped out! Just needed to vent about my disappointment in my lack of self control! Thanks for reading/listening! :smile:
  2. ehhh.. wow.. 3 bags in less than 24 hours is a lot! And those are some pricey bags?

    Any chance you can return any of them? Judging from what you've already bought in a day.. and what your wish list has on it... your budget may be in for trouble!
  3. Ahhhh...I agree.:nogood:.:wtf:3 bags!!!(just kidding)
  4. :shrugs:I feel you, sister. You see a great deal and can't bear to pass it up.
  5. Hah, no, I won't return any of them since I bought them on eBay. I think I will just have to sell all of my other bags! I have a Louis Vuitton my Aunt gave me that I never use....and a David Yurman bracelet I never wear....I'm going to see how much the Louis will go for...
  6. Wow! That's a serious bag fest there! I think I need a clearout to fund a couple of new purchases :biggrin:
  7. Don't feel bad... I did the same thing today...:girlsigh: Work some OT and enjoy them!
  8. Be careful. Shopping seriously can become an addiction. Read purse secret! It's easy to get sucked into a world where you can look fabulous on the outside, but lost and little on the inside. Pretty, shiny things can distract us (and others) from the real problems at hand.

    Be careful. And if it gets bad enough, perhaps look into a therapist with some experience with this. Best wishes.
  9. I second that... be very careful! It's one thing to splurge on something now and again, we all do it! However, you said you don't have a lot of money; you have credit card debt and just bought a new car. That's not the greatest combo. I would suggest selling them on eBay and not torturing yourself anymore by looking on these sites. It will only make it worse. Start pulling some money away, everyone needs a little nest egg in case something happens. They say you should have 6 months salary set aside. Trust me! Nothing feels as good as financial security. Not a new car, a pair of designer jeans or a new handbag. It’s only temporary, but debt is permanent. I hate to sound like I’m on a soap box, but I’ve just seen this happen to people time and time again.

    Take care and be careful!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear what happened. I know it can be easy to succumb to something like this when you really love those handbags. Had you been looking at any of these styles for awhile? All of them?

    Here's my advice: Feel free to consider or ignore..

    First, I would decide which one you would most want to keep. Do any of them have a return policy? If so, go ahead and return them. Be upfront and let them know you need to do this.

    You said you have an LV that you never use anyway. Go ahead and sell it. Maybe it can pay for the first one you decide to keep (if at all possible).

    Please keep us posted. I sure hope you can turn this around. Good for you for coming clean on it, can make it through.
  11. I agree with everyone else, watch your budget...
    BUT if you've been wanting these bags for quite some time and got them at a good price than whatever, you only live once and when your obsessed - your obsessed.
    It is a good idea to sell your previous bags, jewelry, ect. to pay off!
  12. Congrats!;)
  13. oh, I can see that happening to me. Please post pics of the ones you plan to keep. Living vicariously through everyones pictures
  14. I agree with everyone else just be careful. If you know the bags will put you in debt contact one or more of the sellers and see if you can get out of the deal (s). Otherwise sell one or more of your bags.
    Good luck and God bless!
  15. Okay, want to feel better? I bought a Chanel, a Ferragamo and a Marni - ALL in a month's time - I am also feeling like I have no control but then, I rationalize by saying I'm getting older and now is when I still feel good and look good and now is when these bags look gorgeous to me and I'm glad to have a passion!!!!