OMG did I just do that?! A new owner here!!

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!! I am soo happy for you!! It's truly TDF :heart:
  2. Congrats! That is one stunning bag!
  3. :yahoo:OMG!!!!!!!! Congrats Luva!!!!:heart: I remember your thread about your nan!!! Did she approve the bag yet??? LOL Beautiful bag!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Congratulations!!! I really love blue b-bags!
  5. Gorgeous!! I bet the color is stunning IRL, even more so then it is in pics!! :heart:
  6. Congrats! It looks amazing!
  7. Im just soo excited! I hope it doesnt take too long to get here! Did I say already its coming from Canada and im in the UK!:Push:
    ZACOREY: Thank you:love:No, my Nan is in the Caribbean on holiday so she will have a shock when she gets back! Haha hopefully she will get one too!!!

    Ive got a feeling this is not going to be my only Bal. Im already looking at the Vermillion! Ah its bad news! Bbags are more expensive than LVs!:sweatdrop:
  8. What a beautiful new baby! I hope to be a proud new mommy soon! :drool:
  9. HOw exciting! It is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  10. Great color!!!

  11. Congrats:yahoo:
    I love Cornflower:tup:...and yours is TDF !!!!!!!
  12. beautiful bag!! congrats:tup:
  13. It's beautiful! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy her. :smile:
  14. Awww congrats Luva!!!!!!!!! It's sooo pretty!
  15. oh, congrats, Luva Pug! welcome to the family!!!!! she's a beauty!