OMG did I just do that?! A new owner here!!

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  1. AHHHH girlies!!! I just purchased a cornflower city!
    If you remember my thread about falling for BBags with my Nan I have been lookign ever since and this morning I took the plunge! I cant quite believe it tbh!:PI am finally going to be part of the BBag crew!!!
    I just wanted to share with you, because i am so excited!!!
    Ahhhh:party:I love veins!!! And I will of course post pics when I am officially the Mommy!
    Here is a pic xx

  2. Ohhh! Congrats! I am a soon-to-be new mommy too! (bluberry day) Isn't it great? We can rock our babies together. haha
  3. Congrats on your first bbag!!!
  4. Congrats!! It's beautiful.
  5. Congrats:yahoo: Cornflower is so pretty.:tup:
  6. Cornflower is beautiful! Great choice, your new bag is lovely. :yahoo:
  7. I love Balenciaga Blues! Congrats on your gorgeous new baby!
  8. Its gorgeous. I saw that one. Let us know when it arrives.
  9. Thanks girlies! Im still in shock! I cant wait until it comes! xx
  10. the blue is just amazing!
  11. yipeee! congrats on your cornflower. love the leather on it. enjoy her.
  12. Ooooh that bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the vein-iness (uhhh don't know if that's a word lol) and the color is one of my favorites. Perfect choice, congrats!
  13. Is beautiful! Congrats~ :yahoo:
  14. I have a feeling that you and this bag are gonna be BFF for a long time!!! Congrats LuvaPug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Very, very NICE :drool: :drool: CONGRATS :yahoo: