OMG Did anyone see this at LB!? TANGERINE!?

  1. OMG! Gung! I just saw this and was comin over here to see if anyone else had seen it!!! She is gorgeous and yummy! I love love the color and the new hw! What do u think?! I guess that means that those of use who have ordered should get one soon enough...!
  2. I saw it too. Unfortunately I'm a RM late-comer and missed out on the pre-order. The regular MA is too big for me. :sad:
  3. ^oh is this one a regular MA?? !! that would explain why this one is avail. here...since I believe the preorders were for the mam in tangerine...,right? Gotta go look again!

    ...ok...just back from browsing at the pics again...good eye, knasarae! It is MA! I thought this color wasn't going to come in the MA size... but sweet!
  4. I just checked in at the LB site, too, and saw the new bags, and rushed over here to make sure that someone had posted. The dusty color doesn't catch me as much in their pics as it did on the Shopbop steady bag. But the Nikki in night looks great. And, of course, the tangarine is TDF. Planning a trip to LB tomorrow. :yahoo:
  5. In Stock! Go for it girls! :graucho:
  6. Omg!!
  7. Question!!! Do you think the Tangerine color can be worn more then in the Spring and Summer? Do you think it could work in the fall too???? TIA!
  8. you can order the tangerine MAM at as well, it's the mini.
  9. How exciting, I'm not an orange kinda gal, but I love the new colors. The gold bottom is definitely an interesting twist on the bags.

    In regard to the above post, orange can be worn all year long, IMO. To me, orange goes really well with the colors of fall more than any other season.
  10. Orange with a dark peacoat or trench? Why not. Orange would match fall leaves.
  11. Thanks Chuggie and paintednightsky! You may have just given me the strength to order it! haha

    I also like the yellow with the silver....a;kfja;lsfjd

    I don't have enough money for the amount of bags I want to buy on a daily basis!!!!!
  12. That's an amazing color!! I cannot wait for my MAM!!
  13. ^^^ what color is dusty exactly? I cant figure it out. is it a very light grey?