OMG! Did anyone else go to the Dooney event today at Northpark in Dallas?


loves Louis!
May 5, 2007
Dallas, Texas
Ok so I read in the Deals & Steals thread about the free coin purse today if you go out to the D&B store from 3-5. First of all it took me and my mom about 15 minutes of driving around just to find a parking spot which is very unusual. My mom said maybe it was this Dooney thing that all these people were there for. I thought "Nahhh, not THIS many people just for a free $30 coin purse.. it's just a Saturday and everyone is out shopping."

Me and my mom got out there about 2:45 and I kid you not, at least 250 people were already lined up in front of the store. Police were all around. It was insane! So I guess it really was why it took us so long to find a spot!

I ended up running into one of my friends who works there as a security guard and she was like "what is this all about?!" I told her and she couldn't believe it, lol. We ended up not getting in line because it would have taken at least an hour to even get into the store and by then I bet they would have run out of the coin purses anyway. Ohhh well. Thought I would share my entertaining day. Lol. :smile:


Champagne Taste
Sep 6, 2007
Montgomery, Texas
Its fashion week and it is taking place at Northpark, otherwise I don't think it would have been that busy. The last of the fashion shows are today and all the merchants are doing special things for f.w.


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Jul 17, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
I went to the one at Ala Moana in Hawaii and it wasn't quite that bad. We got there at 2pm, and there were about 5 people in line. We went into the store and chatted with the SAs and I asked how many they were going to give out. He said about 100, so there was a good chance we'd get one. So, we shopped till about 2:30pm and by the time we returned, there were 40 people in line! I told SO to go count, and if there were already 100, we'd just leave, but it was only 43, so I stood in line for the 30 minutes. They were letting people in in groups, and the new stuff was cute, but it was all about the freebie! It was a current crossword coin pouch in the pale cream colors and it was actually a really nice one cause it had a slip pocket on one side and a zippered pocket on the other! The middle section had a keychain inside and the zipper fob was the heart charm. Very nice! Definitely worth standing in line for 30 minutes!