OMG, DH said I could buy something!!

  1. this weekend when I take my mom down to Rodeo. Woohoo!! He didn't give me a limit but I did tell him I wanted a speedy 25 and maybe something else small too............he said whatever you want, just don't go crazy. :yahoo:

    OMG, what the heck does that even mean?? :confused1:

    I asked for a limit and he I really need to give you one?? Just use common sense.

    AGAIN, WTF DOES THAT MEAN?? I lack common sense when it comes to LV. hehe. :nuts:

    Good thing we are doing our taxes next week. :yes:

  2. You sound how I felt last week when DH lifted my ban (but gave me a limit) last week. If you don't already have a speedy, why don't you get that plus some accessories ( a cles, pochette, etc.)? Good luck!
  3. speedy & a cles would be perfect the new violette is hot and the new epis are just out today which speedy you going for?
  4. Azur speedy! with a pomme heart. Perfect!
  5. YES ! And hey, it's not "crazy" or anything, remind him that it's a heart, and it's from him to you ! :graucho:
  6. You go girl :rochard:. Don't forgot to post what you get.
  7. yayy!! Congrats. I think the speedy 25 and a cles is perfect doesn't seem crazy to me.
  8. unfortunately, he did VETO the heart. He says it is way too much $$ for something so small and not functional.

    I think though that I might, might get this: yeah I know it's not LV but it sure is cute!

  9. Go for a speedy & cles! (although that wristlet is pretty cute) - btw, I think we all lack common sense when it comes to spending money on LV. haha :noggin:
  10. lol, lucky you! and that always happens to me, too...when I'm able to get something, there's nothing I like!
  11. I am sure you would have a good time picking out something special to bring home from LV!

  12. Oohhh how exciting! Have a blast shopping!!!
  13. lucky you! speedy 25 and a zippy coin purse!
  14. "Just don't go crazy"... hmmm must be a husband thing. Mine says that to me ALL THE TIME:roflmfao:

    Did you get any of the LE stuff? Maybe one of those are in order...:yes:
  15. yay that's a sweet hubby! whatever you get I'm sure you'll have fun, just think positive thoughts that whatever you want will be sitting there just waiting esp. for you. It might also help if you call ahead and they'll hold it for you ... lol! Have fun and let us know what you get!