OMG! DH got me this!

  1. I really didn't need/want anything. All I want is for DH to be home safe from his trip.
    (I know... sick, right? I would give up LV for that. :sweatdrop:)

    He thinks this will make his absence a bit easier to bear with new toys to play with.
    No tease here, but I have to show you what he got me on Friday, first:

    Ms. Dentelle Speedy and her Coral friend turned so many heads on Friday.
    We had a blast!! We were giggling since someone pointed and another mom/daughter duo did a double-take.
    So far this purse has had the most compliments and some admirers that could not keep their paws off of her.

    OhanaLV 005.jpg
    ^ See the tPF key chain by the lock, that's how the SA knew I must know MJ and Twinkle.Tink. :p

    Goodies from Friday inspired by fellow tPFers:
    OhanaLV 002.jpg

    On my head:
    OhanaLV 007.jpg

    Close-up shot of headband:
    OhanaLV 003.jpg

    Not LV, but tPFers have such great taste.
    Without y'all, I would not have known about this beautiful scarf (Ms. Epi Ivoire modelling the scarf):
    OhanaLV 013.jpg
  2. very nice. congrats
  3. Sooo lucky!! Congratulations! Your husband is so sweet and thoughtful!
  4. Different shots of Ms. Epi with Tiffany scarf:
    OhanaLV 014.jpg

    OhanaLV 015.jpg

    I love it!! It goes with the Epi Ivoire so well!
    I gave up the Azur Speedy earlier this year, so this is my first official Damier Azur piece:
    OhanaLV 024.jpg
  5. congrats! they are so pretty!
  6. Everything here is gorgeous. What did DH have waiting at Valley Fair for you? The Damier Azur piece?
  7. This is the grand finale... He hinted that he wanted his "Cinderella" to have this and hope it fits, but OMG!! :yahoo:
    OhanaLV 018.jpg

    OhanaLV 021.jpg

    OhanaLV 022.jpg
  8. oooh! lovely pieces from your DH..Congrats!
  9. looove the shoes!! congrats!!!
  10. He had my first pair of LV shoes on hold...
    I am still in utter shock that he had shoes on hold for me. Especially LV shoes! :wtf: I'm stunned.

    He's making me fall in love with him all over again! :crybaby:
  11. Wow! Those shoes take your breath away. Your DH is more than amazing! All I know is, when he returns those shoes better be all you have on so you can properly thank him! Wow!
  12. Oh, and your pedicure is gorgeous too!

  13. You are sooo funny!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    :shame: My face is so red...
    ummm... how about "no"? :rolleyes:
  14. Oh WOW...those shoes are gorgeous! Shoot...everything is gorgeous!