OMG!!!DH found $100 thanks to you guys!!


Hi ya, baby!
Nov 26, 2007
corner table at caffe strada
So the bloomies sale started today and I'm on ban cause I've bought too much recently. But my hubby was at stanford shopping center, so I asked him to check bloomies to see if there was any mj on sale for the mj gals here (there wasn't). And he text messaged me and said "check your email, look what I found at bloomingdales". I thought it was some bags on sale, but it was $100 bill!!! I'm so excited!! :yahoo::yahoo:
Mar 18, 2007
li, ny
lol! treat yourselves to a nice dinner/movie date :smile:

i found a money clip with a few hundred dollars laying on the ground outside our house a few days ago. i got so excited, until i realized it was my boyfriends clip that fell out of his pocket the night before. he is so careless sometimes! :cursing: