OMG DH bought an xbox 360 and I'm OBSESSED!!

  1. okay so DH bought an xbox 360 for the kids and us for xmas and he got this game called Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga or something like that I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED! I played last night from 10pm - 2am!! I am usually not a video game person but seriously this game is sooo much fun!

    For those of you who have an xbox or PS system, you HAVE to go out and get this game. I LOVE IT!

    We also have a wii and my sis got them the same game for it but she lives about an two hours away and we haven't seen her yet, we'll be seeing her next weekend. SO I'll let you know how much different it is on that system.
  2. LOL! I bought DH the 360 as a surprise gift on this birthday and I'VE been hooked ever since! Well sort of. I had the Xbox before which we shared but I've never been a video game person so the 360 was really to surprise him. I'm glad I got it because some of the games really are good, as are the graphics! I played a bit of the lego one on the "demo" games preloaded into the was funny! We're planning to give xbox live a try since we got a few months free..its crazy how addicting games get sometimes!
  3. Ahhhhh yes, I am hooked on Call of Duty 4!!!! DH and I play online for hours on end!
  4. Lol, I was also addicted to Viva Pinata when DH had an Xbox! It was so fun I would stay up and play it all night long :wtf: The downloadable arcade games are so much fun too! My fave was Cloning Clyde. DH says I played with the Xbox more than he did! :lol:
  5. LOL! my DF got one for xmas too and he's obsessed with halo 3. so far, i've been playing tetris b/c i loved it for nintendo. i'll have to check out the star wars game!
  6. LOL" this happened to me when Ps2 came into my house. I've a sick addiction for all Final Fantasy saga and Sim. I can't tell how much hours i'm able to play.....
  7. Im addicted to Guitar Hero on Xbox 360, Its alot of fun!!!
  8. My husband is a huge gamer! LOL! He is normally out of town for work Monday thru Friday but when he comes back home I can't get him off of the Xbox! He is addicted to Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3, loves to play on line with other people. Sometimes I will sit and watch him play for awhile, it's kind of fun!.
  9. The other day I tried a Wii and played Guitar Hero on it. Immediately hooked! Hubby and I decided to buy an xbox 360 and we're waiting for it to be delivered. We decided to go with that instead of the Wii since we have a new big-screen HD TV -- and my 16YO daughter wanted Call of Duty 4. :p

    Any good game recommendations?? We bought the Call of Duty 4; Guitar Hero; Madden 08 and The Godfather (big fan of the movie here). My daughter wanted Rock Band but we're going to wait on that a bit... no room for the drums!

    Love anything with car chases and anything that is not a "shoot 'em up" type of game. Figured we'll have enough of the latter with the two we've bought so far!
  10. We have a Wii and honestly, I had to put myself on a ban!!! it's sooo addicting!!
  11. :yes:
  12. Buy Rock Band and download Zuma!
  13. yhea..guitar hero ROCKS..:tup::yes:
  14. OMG, Twiggers, you are going to have to let me know your XBOX live id, we play COD 4 ALL of the time! We also play GH3 and Rockband, but the COD series we LOVE!