OMG! Cuteness Alert! Resort Denim!

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  1. So we stopped in today, saw one of our favorite SAs who let us presale our 25% off items (Sig stripe Parchment wristlet for me, Legacy bangle for Mom) and she let us see the new Resort Denim Ali and the Wedge wristlet (which is barely peeking out of the tote in the catalog pic in the latest catalog, pages 72 and 73--someone had pre-ordered them and didn't like it because it does NOT have the legacy stripe lining, it's sorta a light gold color) and OMG...the wristlet...WOW. :nuts::drool:

    First, I am not a big fan of the denim, but this might convert me. The wristlet is about the size of the Legacy flap wristlets, and then to make it even better: it's NOT flat! Seriously, it's about 1.5 to 2 inches wide, so you can really get alot of essentials in there! On top of that, I was the first one to open it up (with the cute flap and turnlock) and we were all suprised to see inside (attatched) a coin purse with a French purse type opening (kisslock, I guess they are called.)!!! So now your money doesn't have to float all around! AND last, but certainly not least, on the side is a little tiny blue and white scarf tied to a D-ring! (the same pattern on the tote!) Oh, it was sooooooooooo cute!!! :girlsigh::tender:

    So if you are reading the fine print in your catalog, and thinking, $168 for a wristlet? That's why. LOL. It's the "Wedge Wristlet #40313" And the size listed is: 5L x 4H x 2W
  2. gosh i want a catalog...
  3. post pictures! it sounds soo cute!
  4. Okay ladies, here it is from the Coach Website:

    And remember, I warned you it was cute!!


  5. OMG if that isnt the cutest thing i have ever totally getting one..when does the line come outt..ohhhhh
  6. i just added it to my shopping bagg..oh my god im gonna dream about this wristlet!
  7. Catalog says December, but they are available to order now.

    Check the other Resort Denim thread, I posted style numbers and if you search on the Coach site, they will come up.
  8. OK - I did NOT need all these details. I was SURE - and I mean so sure - that I did not want anything from this line and you had to go spill all these nice little details!
  9. yeahh thankss =]
  10. :devil::whistle:Bwahahahahahahaha!!
  11. haha im getting the wristlet and the Shoulder Bag...hopefully right after christmas ladies =]

    imm so excited and i just cant hide itt:yahoo: :P :yahoo:
  12. It is cute! I'd prefer it! haha
  13. OMG that is SUPER cute!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOO much for posting!
  14. The wedges were really cute too
  15. Did anyone ever get this wristlet? Did this line ever hit the outlets?

    I didn't pick it up in December and now I really want it... :crybaby: