Omg!!! Cute!!!

  1. Sorry girls,no pics as I was'nt allowed,but I just remembered I was in Selfs last night and saw the cutest accessory for Bayswater lovers!! £99 I was soooooooo close to gettin one!! Its a mini leather Bayswater,keyring/c-card holder,and it comes in oak,black and choc and will sit in the palm of your hand!!!!! Its about 4 inches by three!! Just divine! No pink ones yet but wow!! Any of you that has felt too small for a full size bays can have a faithfully done miniature!
  2. Oh noooooooo I am going to have to steer clear of Selfridges now because if I see that I *know* I will buy it!!! :nuts:
  3. ^^^ You know,I was so close!! If I had bought Andy something else other than the horse,I waivered and got a lil back up just in case, but if I had'nt done that I'd have had one,the oak one is just too cute! Its a lil bit larger than credit cards if you can picture that,and the pocket inside is made to hold stamps,just lovely!! I'm thinking of getting one to take pics of,then take it back!! And I think they are made from glove leather,so they have that divine smell too................................
  4. Yikes...99 pounds....that's $200 US! I know it is cute...but....
  5. Would love to see them IRL!!
  6. oh i saw this on the mulberry website attached to another bag like a bag charm, but they dont have any on there to buy.
    i loved it!
    i want one!!!

  7. Did you see it recently on the Mulberry website?
  8. yes it was on the main picture slide show thing on the home page, i searched on the online shopping bit but its not on there.
  9. :roflmfao: Yeah, I think I know what would happen there, the return journey would never materialise :roflmfao:
  10. :busted
  11. She probably already bought it and just doesn't want to fess up. She'll wait a couple of weeks and then spring it on us! Chaz, you can't fool us !!!!:rolleyes:
  12. Oooo, y'know what?? I was actually really good and did'nt buy one!!!! Can you belive that!!!! I think if they had a pink one,it may have been a whole other story!!!
  13. I'll pop over to Mulberry next weekend (after my exams) to get one - will post pics as soon as I get it (if they have any here). I'm actually going there to get the regular oak darwin bayswater - my dad's just got a massive bonus at work and he's buying me one!
  14. I am definitely getting one!
    Do you guys remember the tiny LV speedy and lockit key ring bags? Compared to those, this is a bargain (and it's leather)!
    I emailed them and they said I should watch out for them on the website, they were going to be there
  15. I just found the pics, so you know what I'm talking about.
    I never got one, so I saved enough for getting the mini bays.
    minis1.jpg minis2.jpg