OMG Croc choo

  1. Last night I was VERY surprised at my very own surprise party. I had no idea about the party. It was the most thoughtful special night I have ever had with friends. Then my husband walks up with a big grin and a very large Jimmy Choo Box

    I could not believe my eyes when I opened the dust bag and saw the most beautiful deep chocolate shiny crocodile Ross.

    I am still in shock:yahoo:
  2. oh yeah . . . pics


    IMG_4162.jpg IMG_4165.jpg IMG_4167.jpg
  3. Lucky, lucky girl! And happy birthday, too. How thoughtful of your husband. A beautiful bag.
  4. I am speechless.... how utterly thoughtful of your DH and your friends to organize a surprise party, and what a surprise gift!!!:yahoo::yahoo:Take good care of your new reptilian family member.
  5. Hey! Is that the bag your SA recently called you about but was sold by the time you could go see it? Was it your DH that bought it? If so, what a sweet, sweet man!!! And what a gorgeous bag!!!!!!!! :drool:

    Happy birthday you lucky girl....enjoy your new bag, it is absolutely beautiful! :love:
  6. Hey Stinker
    Yes it was my husband who had bought the bag before i called. He had the SA and manager all in on the surprise. It was great!!!! Come to find out they only made 5 croc Ross bags and this was the last one left in the world.

    I am just loving life
  7. congrats!!! how about a family photo! congrats :smile:
  8. Good idea gucci.
    Here are my choo bags
    green python ross
    lizard ramona
    croc ross
  9. Happy be-lated birthday, that's a beautiful bag & seems roomy too! I've never seen this one before, very lucky gal, thanks for sharing, enjoy!
  10. Beautiful bag, and what a wonderful hubby, so sweet and thoughtful!! Congratulations!! That bag is TDF!!
  11. Congratulations!!!! Your new Ross is one of the most beautiful croc bags I have ever seen. I love the Ross to begin with. Fresh and current yet classic! Love it! What a wonderful DH.
  12. Lucky You! Congrats!
  13. She did post a pic, but it is not showing. I believe that Vlad said it may take a little bit longer before we can all the attachments since the server upgrade.
  14. I will try to post another pic
  15. Happy Belated Birthday............[​IMG]

    p.s. and congrats on your new beautiful Choo!