Omg crazy!!!

  1. There are many arguments for this, Company's will always do exotic bags because there is a market for them. The people who buy these buys are not looking for a name, but more so a design.

    Also, for as much as some Gucci/LV bags cost- you could get an Hermes! ;). The argument is full circle.
  2. That is alot of $$$. But it sure is pretty.
  3. It IS a lot of money. It's actually very pretty though. I like the style.
  4. the garnet color is a beauty!

    but i wouldn't buy it...someone will
  5. Who would pay that much for a purse, PERIOD?
  6. crazy rich people that have nothing better to do with their money lol!!!
  7. I wouldn't buy this bag even if I won the lotto. I would, however, spend that much on the right bag, if I won the lotto, of course!