OMG... Could I have wrecked my bag???

  1. I was just wiping all of my monogram bags with a nice white tea towel, after I finished I looked at the towel and realized... IT was pretty rough, :push: :sweatdrop: and I wiped fairly hard b/c I got some lotion on it... COULD I HAVE WRECKED THE CANVAS OR WORN IT OUT OR DAMGED IT??? :sweatdrop: :confused1: :crybaby:
  2. Mono is very tough and durable. It should be OK
  3. no worries..
  4. I don't think a towel could of damaged the bag, don't worry.
  5. No worries, I use face cloths all the time for my bags and those a pretty rough too, they won't damage the canvas.
  6. Ya, I don't think you harmed the canvas on your bag either... don't worry 'bout it. ;)
  7. Unless you were scrubbing at it with extreme force, I think you should be ok. Even then though, the mono canvas is really durable. Not to worry ;)
  8. Mono canvas is known for it's long lasting durability, i wouldn't worry about it being damaged b/c the towel is rough, cheer up!:flowers:
  9. Should be okay unless you used a scouring pad.
  10. I think your bag should be ok! The mono is pretty durable!
  11. LV canvas is extremely durable. I seriously doubt that rubbing it with a towel would be enough to damage or destroy the canvas.