OMG Cosmic Flowers....

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  1. I wish it came in a cles or rond!
    I almost like the pochette, but can't imagine what I would use it for........will this print hold up better than cerise or cherry blossom?!
  2. ^^ I'm wondering the same thing... Not too fond of it right now, but I'll see how I feel when I see it in person. I'm definitely interested in at least the scarf, but we'll see. Does anyone know an exact date these are due in stores?
  3. I heard April from an SA online, but I could be wrong. I agree, I don't think I would buy anything for my mother or sister as a gift from this life. It just a little "too cute."
  4. I really like the scarf!
  5. I like the scarf the best, and I like that the bags have feet on the bottom, but thats about it- wonder what the pricing will be?
  6. ^^According to the link, the USD prices are about $1200+ for the totes, and about $550 for the pochettes. It doesn't indicate the price of the scarf or other items, though.
  7. I love the totes!! I want one yet at the same time I need to get a tote for school NOW so I can't wait until April :sad:
  8. I think the tote is over priced....basically it's a neverfull unless I'm missing something. That being said, the scarf is very cute and the actually think the pattern is interesting.
  9. ME TOO!! I really want there to be a cles. I change mine like everyday-most useful thing ever!
  10. Not as much a fan of the bag print, but the flower scarf is AMAZING - it's so great to see some of the Murakami stuff make a come back!
  11. I would love to see some SLG's! It's cute....but not overwhelming me yet.
  12. I am not a fan of the bags, but the scarf is cute I agree.