Omg... Conflict Again!!! Help!!!

  1. as some of you might know, i've just purchased the violette pochette cles a few days ago, and i was going to match that with the madeleine pm in the new purple colour for my mom. however, i've also been thinking of the epi mini zippy/zippy coin purse in pomegranate/granadine(??) to match with the bag (since both the bag and wallet will then be from the same line), should i exchange the violette pochette cles for the epi zippy coin purse (oh i love that colour)? which one is more functional for the price? the pochette cles is $270 cnd vs. the zippy coin purse at $320/$325. any advice?
  2. isay the vernis one its nice to mix up the lines
  3. Dang, this is hard. Both colors are gorgeous. I am more a matchy-matchy kind of person, but in this case I would go with the violette vernis. It would be a pop of color against the Epi Cassis. Good luck!!
  4. I would go with the matching wallet!
  5. Hmm that's tough ... can you get both?
  6. I would get the zippy coin purse because it can function more as a wallet with the cc slots and dividers. Plus I love the new pomegranate color.
  7. ^^ theoretically i can.. but i don't want to spend so much... i already spent almost 2k a few weeks ago on rox & pomme FP... now i have to limit my spending... so it's either the violette cles or the zippy coin purse... i think i might stick to the latter one because it's more practical (i really don't want to spend another 600-700 plus tax for a wallet). since i already have 2 vernis pieces + the heart porte-monnaie that hopefully i will be getting some time this month... i'm fine with not having the pochette cles.. i really hope they have the zippy coin in pomegranate though.. i like that colour better than the cassis.
  8. I would buy both and make it your last hoorah for a bit.
  9. I'd keep the cles it's limited and get the purse later it'll be around at least 6 months if not longer
  10. ZIPPY!!! i love it! its so functional! and u can always count on it!
  11. Keep the cles, I always lean towards LE items.