OMG Come and see this

  1. I LOVE the floral keepall that seller of the LOVE tote has .. I am on the waitlist for the street PM in gold but am yet to see photos of the gold:shrugs:
  2. i don't know should i post in this forum
    i was just too excited when i saw them
  3. Love the purple LVoe tote. Wish it was a better price! It's so extravagant looking to me with the fab satin shimmering.

    Thanks for posting!
  4. Im really not into the shopper bags, they just remind me of what the old ladies carry to put their shopping in. the blue and red ones anyway, not the gold ones!
    The LVoe tote is pretty but just too pricy for what it is!
  5. The purple satin LVoe Tote is so beautiful. I wish the price for it was more in my range.
  6. The Lvoe Bags Are Amazing!
  7. The LVOE tote looks like something we would carry for Mardi Gras around here because of the colors, lol. Neither one of these bags are really calling my name.
  8. I like the satin tote but the shopper bag looks too old ladyish.
  9. The tote looks gorgeous, but def. too much $$$ !
    LVOE purple
  10. hey i love that satin tote, its gorgeous!
  11. The street bag is gorgeoussssss :smile:
  12. dont like the shopper, agree that it looks like old ladys bag!

    loving the lvoe bag. yum
  13. The satin LVOE tote is gorgeous, that colour is so striking!
  14. "Only 100 pieces made worldwide"
    "Only available to the most important VIP and celebrities"
    "There is absolutely no waiting list for this bag"

    Uhhh, I know the last two statements aren't true, why do sellers try to make a bag sound like it's SO limited?!