Omg Coach Lip Gloss

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  1. hi
    I just got my people mag in the mail & on page 12 is february's hottest accessory coach lip gloss!!!!!! in 3 colors Hibiscus which bright pink(the one I'm getting), Gardenia regular like a rose pink andoh Heather a mauve color.but they r selling them at or the kohls store. why??? r they tryn 2 d the designers like vera wang at kohls and whts his name at H&M?
  2. i have nothing against Kohl's but what is Coach doing? Interesting..... It seems there are lots of changes going on w/ them. This and the Miss Davenport WWD article have me thinking.
  3. That's odd. Do you have a pic from the magazine?
  4. Yay, I'm a lip gloss addict! But, weird that it's at Kohl's.
    Is it People StyleWatch? Or the regular weekly one? And who's on the cover?
  5. OK I love my coach bags and accessories, the jewelry is pretty cute, and I even (surprisingly!) love the perfume. But I think they should draw the line. Leave the cosmetics to MAC!
  6. I don't know......if they actually do carry it at Kohls, I may have to get some! I am a lip gloss FANATIC and I would so go for that! LOL.
  7. any more info on this yet? i mean why not just sell the lipgloss where the purses are sold? if they have to produce it at all. why khol's... khol's is like a fancy target...i hope coach is not selling out...i will be so dissapointed!
  8. OMG I am a lip gloss junky!!!
  9. Maybe it is a misprint...that does not make sense!
  10. How much is it?
  11. I want to see this! I love lip gloss!!!
  12. This is what I was waiting for. I'm am going to get them in every color possible.
  13. wait I don't get this. Will Kohls be selling the lipsticks and powder too? or just lipgloss? I think this was a misprint.
  14. Im not seeing it on Kohls webpage:huh:????
  15. ^^ I know I just checked.