OMG Coach is coming in fall '08 to my city!!!

  1. :yahoo: Although this could be bad bad news because I get in enough trouble online, but just checked the Coach site and it's coming to my city in the freezing midwest!! :yahoo: I wonder if a career with Coach is lucrative? May be fun to leave corporate America and do something fun! Anyone have any idea the salary range from SA to store manager?
  2. Make sure you take into account how much you would be spending with the discount :sneaky::devil::lol:
  3. Where in the midwest??? I think that I would end up paying COACH to let me work for There would definitely not be a paycheck when I got done with the work week.
  4. :girlsigh: Yeah....I'm sure I would be paying THEM at the end of the week. I have no willpower. Well, I have SOME willpower, but not much! ;)
  5. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! There's one coming to Sioux Falls!!! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!! That's 2 hours away from me compared to my current 4 hours!!! WWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I'm glad I opened this thread, it inspired me to hope that there was one coming near me!! It doesn't open 'til October but I am thrilled!!
  6. Yep! That's where I live...Sioux Falls....about a mile from the mall. This is going to be bad....very very bad....:graucho::yahoo::woohoo:
  7. How did you find that the store is coming near you? Is there a link that shows upcoming stores?
  8. I went down to the store locator at the bottom of the site and typed in my zip code. What a surprise!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. We should meet for the grand opening!! How fun would that be!?? LOL!
  10. Tons! We could enable each know what they say...there's safety in numbers! :graucho::p

  11. lmao
  12. Start. Saving. Now.
  13. I think that Coach would be a great time part time job for someone in cooperate America.
  14. That's what I was thinking...maybe pick up a couple weekends a know, for the discount! :jammin:
  15. we're getting a boutique aug 1 too!