OMG Coach copied me!!!

  1. I came home from work today and my bf was like, "Guess who's acting differently because he's a star now?!?!" Then he flipped open the brand-new Coach catalog (which arrived in the mail today) and guess who is the star of the campaign? The lil cutie in my avatar! OK it's not really him, but there is a white bunny with blue eyes in a bunch of the photos. In the big one with the girl holding him, they look identical from the back! But upon closer inspection, it doesn't look like him from the front.

    I used to take my bunny on outings with me everywhere, from the video store to the mall. I swear someone at Coach got wind of this..! :p
  2. cute story!:amuse:
  3. Maybe Coach really did see the little bunny & thought it would be a good idea. He's cute!
  4. Thanks! He's my little angel. I seriously think I may have walked by Coach one day and someone in there saw him. I was also driving with him on my shoulder once and some random guy driving beside me took a pic of him.
  5. I love bunnies! I can hardly wait to see the new catalog! (just to see the bunny!) LOL!
  6. I would say that is highly possible. Marketing experts are trained to look out for opportunities like that. Your bunny is now a celebrity! :yahoo:
  7. Aww...that's sooo cute!!! I can't wait to see that springy catalog....maybe it will cure me of the winter
  8. that's cute! How do you carry your bunny with you in the mall? Does he have a little bunny handbag??
  9. i used to do that with mine...but he was much bigger...and we had a leash for him and everything...
  10. new christmas list:

    white bunny with blue eyes
    coach bunny carrier
    coach bunny collar

    haha what a cute story :biggrin:
  11. I'd love to see pics of your catalogue!! Can you post a couple showing the bunny? Thank you SO much!
  12. oh no andi forgot coach bunny leash !
  13. That is so darn cute!!
  14. I scanned it but I'm kinda computer illiterate and I can't figure out how to get it on here!