OMG~ Chloe *SAMPLE* Sale... up to 90% off

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Is it in New York?
  3. yes. midtown.
  4. I am way too far from NYC for this awesome sale- if any of you go, let us know about the deals!!!!
  5. totally off topic, but i didn't know you lived in columbus! me too, lol. any good good stores i should know about? :yes:
  6. The See by Chloe line was 90% off retail - but nothing super great. the handbags were 75% of retail but only Betty line, a few baby teklas and the a few ediths that were gone, gone, gone! i was one of the first ones to get in and the bags were depleted already then. they had an "employee" day yesterday that took pretty much EVERYTHING. today and tomorrow are "friends and family" days. maybe they'll restock - i might check it out tomorrow. if i do, i'll post what i find.
  7. ^thanks for sharing...don't feel too bad about missing it now..!