OMG Check out this Mall in Colorado!

  1. I just discovered they have a second level with:

    Apple Store
    Sur La Table
    Williams Sonoma

    I have never seen a mall with so many good stores like that....unless you go to San Francisco.
  2. I guess since I come from CA this store listing doesn't seem that surprising to sounds a lot like South Coast Plaza in So Cal...
  3. Yeah, store list isn't that surprising to me. I live in an area where these stores and even more high end stores are quite popular and common...

    Great for you though....if you live in an area where it isn't common
  4. if you think that's something, check out Lenox Square in Atlanta, and then it's across-the-street neighbor, Phipps Plaza.
  5. I wish something like this mall was here in my town but there will never be a mall here ever:sad: too many yuppie alaskans.
  6. Me too.. there's no Saks or Neimans or ANYTHING here..
  7. I have!! And it is so great, but a lot of those stores close before the mall hours...I thought that was weird...but wow, I live next door to cows and corn fields and about DIED the first time I walked through that mall!!! It is great!
  8. Oh yeah!! I love it there! My BF's son lives in Cherry Creek and we go there all the time! He is graduating next month and will be going off to college to play hockey and study Wildlife Biology.....he's the most incredible, gorgeous kid I to mine, of course. But, anyway, they live there and my BF's ex-wife and I love to go shopping she works for Norstrom's and lets me use her huge discount whenever I want!!!! We're shopping fools!
  9. Yes yes yes! Looooove Lenox Square. Was there a few years ago and it was fantastic :nuts:


    For many locations on the west and east coast, seeing a list like this isn't anything surprising. If you're ever on the east coast, check out these malls: King of Prussia, Tysons Corner (I and II, they're both pretty good...and considering that Bloomingdales is on the I side) :smile:
  10. sounds just like short hills mall

    guess it's all in relation to the place you live :s
  11. I'm impressed! To get access to all of these stores here, I'd have to go to about three different locations, fairly distanced apart.
  12. wow.. i guess that works out nicely :amazed:
  13. I go to this mall almost every week.... And I am not really too impressed with anything. The NM has good chanel selection but the SAs are snooty. Saks on the other hand, has the nicest SAs, but nothing I want are ever in stock....
  14. Whoa.. That's a pretty scary place! I hope when I get there, I won't get all my cash finished out in one day! Here in Hong Kong, we have one street where all the luxe line shops are there.. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, etc.!