Black Satin..

  1. omg i am SO angry!!! :cursing: i ordered a bottle of CHANEL BLACK SATIN from Nordstrom during the last week of october, and they told me they wouldn't be shipping it until nov 3rd. that was fine. then i got an email a week later from them saying that due to a long longgg list for the item, they wouldn't be able to ship it to me until nov. 17!! TODAY i just got ANOTHER email from them saying that they had to CANCEL my order because they're unable to get me a bottle!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! i've been looking for a bottle since FOREVER! :cursing::crybaby::censor:
  2. can you resort to ebay and pay extra and atleast get one? :smile:

    good luck
    its a great polish
  3. may i know WHY is this the best black polish? thanks
  4. Yeah, Ebay's price is WAY over priced. I have this polish, I bought it when it came out. It's nice, but it's not that special. You can prob. buy OPI Black nail polish and it'll be as nice. just my opinion.....
  5. Sorry you can't get it. I got it back when it first came out, and I really love it. Maybe call around to some of your local department stores and see if you can get on their waiting list.
  6. macys is expecting another shipment soon...
  7. Oh, that s*cks. Sorry.:crybaby:

    Chanel re-released it for a few days and it sold out immediately. I was lucky enough to call on the right day. I also got a few bottles of Vamp too.
  8. Oh I'm sorry! I was at work just circling the Chanel counter and the SA told me someone cancelled an order that morning and sold me that bottle. Maybe you can call your SA and ask them to call you if anyone cancels?
  9. thanks everyone! :shame: im actually going to order it from nm, but its backordered until 11/29..hopefully this time it works out.. i realllyyy want a bottle! :drool: p.s. for you ladies who HAVE the chanel black satin polish... could you recommend some other nail polishes that are similar?? (in case i cant get a hold of the black satin) thanks a lot! :heart:
  10. Hey black satin like a shimmery black? I have heard so much about it and would love to know what it looks like.
  11. Chanel's Black Satin is supposedly inspired by the depth and shine of their satin ribbons. I think it is a bit hard to wear, but it is a gorgeous black! OPI makes one similar in something called Black Onyx. MAC has one called Nocturnelle.

    Essie Wicked is a bit easier to wear. It's the darkest and deepest berry colour.
  12. ^^thats good to know cause I just called my local Nordstroms and the SA told me it was a limited edition polish and they wont be getting any more. I wonder if this is true?
  13. ^^ They told me that in July when I bought the last bottle at Dillard's. I kept calling each week. Basically harassing them to no end until finally in September stores started saying that they were told another shipping is on its way anyday now. And sure enough Just last week I was getting calls from Dillards saying come get my bottles.

    edited to say: funny things is before Dillards started calling me, I just happened to call Macy's and they got a shipment which contained black satin. the SAs didn't even know they were getting it.
  14. I am sorry.
  15. hey..sorry to hear about ur situation. i was just like u a couple months ago. i called up soooo many stores looking for that black satin. i left my # with an SA named Margaret in Nordstrom in central JERSEY. (i think its menlo park...go to and do a store locator search.) she actually called me 2 weeks ago and told me she has now i have a bottle!! try calling her, shes really helpful and nice!!

    before i got black satin, i bought a bottle of polish from a very cheap brand called Wet and Wild. i saw it at CVS. its color called BLACK. and when i compare it with black satin, i ahve to say...its quite similiar!! lol.....funny, right? black satin has a bit of shimmer to it..its not a flat black, so its not AS gothic or as "strong" as other black colors...but from a distance, u cant really tell the difference!!

    good luck!