OMG, career on the line...what do I do?!

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  1. I work at an advertising agency.

    Recently we had a job come through that we had to design-- some gasoline pump toppers (like the ones you see at gas stations on top of the pump that say "buy one soda get one free" or whatever.

    The art came pre-approved from another company, so I put it in the size they told me to and sent it out to get it proofread for errors-- checked out. It came back that it was the wrong size, so I started to rebuild the art to the right size, but then my boss came in and said he was taking over the job. So I left it alone.

    I guess he didn't check the work because when he sent it out it was still the wrong size, and it got printed that way and cost my company a lot of money to fix. So they flew in one of the VP's from Dallas to officially chew ME out. They said that it was all my fault and I did not follow procedure, and I am supposed to sign a "write up" that will go in my permanent record with the company (does this sound like high school to you too?)!!!

    So what happened is my boss decided not to take the heat when he broke procedure! He didn't rebuild the file or do anything himself and he didn't check the work and he sent out my old files that weren't correct, and now the whole thing is getting blamed on me and he is not assuming ANY responsibility! They told me I have to sign these papers saying I screwed it all up and cost the company $50,000. If I don't sign them then I will get fired. But I didn't do this!

    My dad says not to sign ANYTHING, he used to be the CEO of a Fortune 100 company and he said this is blackmail and coercion and that under no circumstances should I take the fall for someone else's mistake. This goes on my PERMANENT RECORD with the company and they can disclose it to anyone asking for my references!

    And now I don't know what to do! HELP, give me some advice PLEASE!
  2. Tell them you would like to consult legal counsel before signing anything. Then, find legal counsel and have a consultation. If you did mess up that is OK, everyone does it, but be prepared to be very honest with the lawyer.
  3. I agree...definitely don't sign anything without counseling...
  4. I second this. Also, say as little as possible on the matter until you've talked to a lawyer.
  5. This is the same boss that was complaining about the t-shirt you wore right? Have you been documenting what's gone on? I hope so... when I read your other post I could see this person was trying to build a case to fire you! Don't sign ANYTHING! If they are going to terminate you, make them do it and that way you can open an unemployment claim. If you sign something, you'll have a harder time getting benefits!
  6. I agree with your father. DO NOT sign it.

    Stand your ground. Tell them that your boss is LYING and that he is the one who screwed it up and that you should not take the fall for it.

    Im sorry this is happening to you, it REALLY sucks!

    When I was 17, I worked for the Gap. My manger was a wench. When our registers started coming up short, the disctrct manger came in to "interview"....more like interrogate...everyone who had access to the register.

    My manger sat there - next to the DM - saying "we have witness that you were stealing" blah blah blah. I was in tears....hysterical and I had to go back on the floor and work!!

    Well, she was LYING , because I had never stole anything!

    Well, since there really wasnt a witness, I didnt get in trouble. But later it came out that it was the manager herself that was stealing!!! I found this out AFTER I stoped working there.

    I quite that job about a week after the incident. It was years later (and too late) that I was told I should have sued over the incident.
  7. This is what I wrote in your other thread, be sure if you have any emails/documentation right now that you forward them to your home email address, if you are let go they will cut off your access and you won't have documentation.... also ANY COMMUNICATION you have with higher ups and HR demand it is in writing- do nothing verbally as those convos can be denied...

    It sounds to me like these people are bent on letting you go- if that's the case, so BE IT. What you gotta do now is damage control and cover your own ass so you can collect unemployment and get out of there with the stipulation that they cannot slander your performance to future employers...

  8. DONT SIGN ANYTHING!!! It is a classic case of passing the buck, the very fact that they have highlighted the fact that you have cost the company money, which you didnt, they want to make you the fall guy. Speak to a lawyer and look for another job on the quiet, you really do not need to work for a company that acts like this and defo not a boss that cannot stand up for his own actions. Good luck and keep your chin up, you have done nothing wrong!

  9. Eeek! I didnt realize there were other issues!!

    I agree w/ what Roo has told you!!

    GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!!
  10. And also do not talk to anyone in the workplace about it. No one. Even if you think someone is your friend do not talk about it. It will get back to someone. And by the way, if an employee gives a piece of work to their boss and the boss uses it but does not check for spelling, grammer or whatever it will always be the employe's fault, not the boss. That is how things generally work.

  11. I agree w/ this too!
  12. ^^^^

    EXCELLENT advice. I sure hope you got something in writing about the t-shirt incident. These people appear to be trying to harass you out of this job, IMO....

    I was in a similar situation once when I was much younger so I learned a lot about these situations, hang in there.
  13. again, I also think you should not sign anything. it is much better IMO to lose this job and say that you had differences or whatever, than to have this go out when you apply elsewhere.
    also I agree with Roo, this sounds a bit deliberate on part of your manager. in any case, you can't just take the blame, you do have to say that the manager told you they would do it. it may your word against his but still - you have to defend yourself.
  14. I totally agree with what has come before, but I have to say again DO NOT sign anything without talking to legal counsel. If you sign something, that could really hurt your chances of getting unemployment and then they can tell everyone in the future that you screwed up -- when you didn't.

    Talk to a labor and employment lawyer if you can and if you are in a union, check with your union rep on what they recommend. Good luck on dealing with such a sketchy situation.
  15. I completely agree with everyone above. it is so important you seek counsel before doing anything further. you don't want this on your rec. esp. if you didn't do anything wrong. how horrible! I am so sorry! sending virtual hugs...