OMG! Can't believe I get to reveal my HG!!!!

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  1. Have you ever had a HG but didn't realize it until a few days before?

    I purchased my first chanel a few years ago but didn't really get into it until the last year. I've acquired 6 bags in 6 months (and have officially drained my bank account). Honestly my life has been a bit of a mess and these bags have been means of coping. Any whoo.. I never did a reveal because while I love them, it just didn't have the energy to do so. This bag is different.

    I asked in another thread about what blue bag I should purchase. See, I LOVE blue. My Navy goyard St. Louis GM has been worn to death. But still I wanted another bag -- a different bag. I contemplated various blue bags, and researched each of them. I wanted a bag that could be worn casual, was durable, and would still make me swoon. I called various chanel boutiques and I realized the bag I wanted many not be found for a long long time. So I hit eBay! This bag was new with tags, and I just knew it had to be mine.

    It is love at first sight

    Are you ready for a reveal?

  2. Open it:smile: can't wait!
  3. I bet it's gorgeous!! Let us see!!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391647195.733839.jpg
    This is going to seriously eliminate a few choices
  5. And since I'm not one to let anyone wait and also can't contain my excitement ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391647243.699625.jpg
  6. Excuse my attire. I was changing out of work clothes but then decided that I must try the bag on first.


    I seriously think I'm a reissue convert. I love the length of the chain, love that it's understated, and love the feel of the bag.

    I am soooo sooo soooo happy!
  7. Congrats babe! Show us more pictures when u carrying it:P
  8. Gorgeous bag and it looks great on you!
  9. Congrats on your HG! Is your bag 226/227? What a lucky find ;)
  10. Congrats on your lovely 2.55 blue beauty.
  11. Congrats!! I love blue too!
  12. I love it!! Congrats!!
  13. Congrats on your reissue. Isn't it such a wonderful feeling to find the perfect color?!
  14. At one point I knew how to group quote -- can someone remind me!!!?

    Thank you guys! I'm truly in love! I can't stop smiling!!
  15. Lovely bag!