OMG!! Can you say purse ban?

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  1. Here's a little story for your enjoyment...I was running some errands after work today and thought I would just "pop in" to ask the SAs if they knew which Bal bags they had ordered for next season when I saw IT. A gorgeous, smooshy, glimmering cafe part time with GH. Next thing I know, I'm walking out of the store with a new bag (I have no self-control) :tdown:. I absolutely love it, but it has to be my last for awhile. Guess I'll be living vicariously through all your fall purchases. Just thought I'd share. Have a great night!
  2. Well, no one can resist the glimmer! :tup: :P

    I can imagine that your new baby is absolutely stunning. I LOVE GH PTs!! Congrats, and please post pics!!!!
  3. Well, I want to see pics since I won't see any after this for a while!:graucho: Well, you'll just have to buy some accessories for Fall since they aren't as much as a bag!:P
  4. Luckily I don't live anywhere near any store that even remotely carries Balenciaga bags. You go girl!
  5. The Cafe is awesome. I had a Cafe City but I sold it, still kicking myself for that.
  6. Pics!! CONGRATS!!!
  7. AWESOME!!!! Congrats, can't wait to see your pics!
  8. purse ban? never heard of that word :P. hee hee. congrats girl on your bag. can't wait to see your pictures.
  9. purse ban...? :whistle: yeah RIGHT...!!! :P if you got the cafe that easily u're gonnabe a pushover when the fall colours come...!!! :roflmfao:
  10. you know there is always this one more color on your list you must have, or that one more bag before your ban. sigh! :crybaby: can't win either or.
  11. Congrats on your new purchase!!
    Pics!! We need pics!!:graucho:
  12. We have all been there! :rolleyes: Sure, you were just going to look, uh huh, we have heard that all before!!! :P LOL! Enjoy your new bag, I'm sure it's gorgeous!!! Post Pictures please!! :yes:
  13. This is exactly why I have to stay far away from NM's. I've never been to that store without walking out with a Bbag! Congrats on your new PT!
  14. The Cafe Part Time with GH is STUNNING!! I dont blame you one bit for not having self control for that one.

    I almost walked away with one from Holt Renfrew in Toronto. The only thing that stopped me is that their prices are WAY inflated. I guess thats a good thing sometimes
  15. Lol! Mmm no I cant say purse ban! I want to see pics please! Congrats on your purchase!