OMG broke down and bought the Violet Muse today

  1. I called Nordstrom at Mall of America..they had ONE and only four left in the whole company...I have been dying for this bag for months and I will post pics when it arrives. Then I'll feel I truly belong in this forum with you ladies! And I swore up and down I would never spend that much money on a bag..
  2. Congrats! I dont think you will regret it, the muse is a great bag
  3. How cool! I saw it there a couple of months ago...a true beauty!!!
  4. Congrats DiamondGirl1. I saw the Violet Muse in real life, it's absolutely gorgeous. The color is amazing and very versatile, I love it.

    Looking forward to your pictures. =)
  5. Congratulations ... I bought mine just to cool my work frustration...! lool....
  6. congrats!!
  7. congrats! violet is the most beautiful colour on the muse!
  8. Do you have pics yet? I'm dying to see it!
  9. It's not here yet, sometime next week! Then pics will be posted!
  10. Cant wait to see pics ,i love the colour..
  11. Fabulous colour - congrats:smile:
  12. I love that bag. It's a great choice!
  13. pics pls!!!
  14. Congratulations! This is a great bag and the color is really fabulous.
  15. Congrats! Wow, 1 of the last 4, way to go! Don't forget to post pics!