OMG - Brand New Marshmallow Pink bag!!

  1. MMM. Thats gorgeous.
  2. Lovely, looks like cotton candy
  3. This is such a pretty color! Someone get this baby!
  4. Yummie cotton candy!
  5. was marshmallow really in demand? i bought one in 2004...
  6. That was one of my favorite colors..too bad I have the keyholder and the Petronia St. already or I'd get it myself lol.
  7. That is soooo petty!
  8. *faints* if i weren't taking a vacation, i'd so buy her right now.
  9. It is so pretty. Too bad I am trying to get a bronze first.
  10. Wow, that's pretty. The color is so soft and pretty.
  11. It's really cute. Someone please get it.
  12. yummy so cute!!
  13. hehe- I always thought that marshmallow was an off-white :shame:
  14. simply stunning!