OMG!!!! BlueFly is YSL heaven!

  1. Blue Fly currently has a variety of Muse's, Downtown's, Tribute's and the Runway on their site. I even saw a satin Muse and a gray Muse. So chic! Happy shopping :idea:
  2. Wow, they have a ton. Maybe I'll get the XL ivory muse instead of the leopard. Not nearly as striking though. I only like the ivory and leopard.
  3. wowzers they have a ton of stuff
  4. ooh I missed the grey Muse, but they did just get a big shipment in, huh?

    The prices are a bit higher than last month - I bought the choco Downtown (medium) for a lot less. Although now that I'm looking at the site, the medium and the large choco are listed for the same price!
  5. ALL of the oversize muses are gone. :roflmfao:

    But there will be more.