Suhali Zippy Wallet Is Here!

  1. :heart:I LOVE HER!
    I got the amarante pochette wallet but saddly had to return it-the fingerprints were killing me and the worry trying to use it without 'damaging it was too much, so I got the black suhali zippy today and shes's a BEAUTY!
    tHE LEATHER IS SOOOOOOOOO SOFT! and the size is perfect.
    I was skeptical of a zippy but it is awesome........ i love the outside zipper with gold rivets around the zipper and its got enuf room for 14 credit cards(I don't have that many!) and room for receipts and money and large zippered change section.
    I was off today and went w/my son to register for college and had sushi for lunch with him-my other son was home and signed for it from Elux( free shipping and gift of frangrance soap and lotion for being VIP) before he left for college-he was just about to leave!
    Sorry so long.........She is so soft and wonderful1!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  2. Well you will need to post some pics
  3. I can't wait for pics. congrats!
  4. LOL,exactly! Congrats!
  5. I checked this out last night, it is AMAZING, I want one so bad!!! But it will have to wait. Definitely my next wallet though! Congratulations!
  6. congrats, i want the silver one.
  7. PICS!!!!:nuts:
  8. Might have to be my next wallet too! sounds like it's gonna wear really really well!
  9. Pics please :smile:. I love Suhali, and I like nice wallets, combine them and you get :biggrin:.
  10. Congrats!! Post pics so I can:drool:
  11. congrats:biggrin:
  12. where are those pics????? calm down on the excitement the pics and we'll all get excited together girl
  13. SOON!-my camera is at work-Tomorrow!!!!
    9but thanks and you can still be excited with me my fellow PFers:tup:
  14. Pics plzzzzzzz! :smile:
  15. Congrats! Suhali is made so well and it's just beautiful!