OMG Black Patent Gauffre on Bluefly...GORGOUES

  1. Wow, that is beautiful. I have the same style in black leather. Haven't carried it in a while, but it is one of my fav's.
  2. Would trade my walnut for that in a heart beat -- someone must have grabbed it.
  3. ^^^ohh a walnut? :graucho::graucho: hehe

    Love it. How much was it? Showing as not available now.
    I have a black nappa gauffre bowler and matching wallet on the way but I adore patent.
  4. Actually, this will tell you how long it's been since I "flyed" -- it's not available cuz it's in my shopping cart !!

    I'll take it out now as what I really want is the fade patent I passed up at Neiman's -- and I think they're sold out.
  5. It's there now! Grab it girls!
  6. I have this in black leather and it's a great bag -- and a great price too!